My Piece of Paradise!

Welcome to my Craft Room, would be so fine if you could come in person and play, so much more fun having friends around isn't it but since we live all over the world will have to make do with a hello over the net. So appreciate my blogging friends

I've moved upstairs, turned one of the bedrooms into my new craft space. Pictures to follow, have misplaced them lol, story of my life!!

My flowers were a surprise delivery from my Son in Australia on my birthday. 
The Roses are just like Velvet, such a shame they don't last

 This is my craft area, moved everything over from the otherside of the room, all fits in just perfect. Isn't it so tidy, ha ha, isn't like that now....I'm such a messy crafter, always loosing stuff and have been known to have a tidy up to find it. 

TV stuck way up the wall out of the way, well couldn't have it interfering with my crafty plans now could I. If I'd known I was going to take up crafting I would of got hubby to have built the room bigger.

Bought this wardrobe from the second hand shop, going to give it a face lift soon! Went in to see if they had any outdoor toys and came out with this instead, perfect for all my plastic storage, so much tidier now I can shut the doors on it. Has a drawer at the bottom where my under used  Cricut and wee sewing machine is kept. 

Finger hovered over the buy button on this storage but for once was a perfect buy. Loving the pen storage, placed it inside a box, trying to make it look invisible from hubby, ha ha, who am I trying to kid! 

And lastly this is where I flop (ha ha) when it all gets too much for me! A face lift of Fired Brick and Egyptian Gold, loving it so cosy looking. Sometimes I would like a craft room to hide away in but no room really has a patch on my Sunroom, even if I have to share with hubby. Have lovely views and loads of light and not far to go to put the kettle on for a cuppa and steal into the chocolate box! 

Oh I see Rory my lovable rouge  has made himself comfy there

Looking forward to inviting my friends for a crafty afternoon very soon.

by for now.x

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lilyf said...

Looks lovely Carol and so like your colour scheme. Very very tidy. Where have you stacked all the rest of your stuff?


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