Monday, 5 November 2012

Fashionista Top #10 Voting begins

The Top #10, yes last week so many entrants and was so difficult to choose so why not. Pop on over to Fashionista and vote for your favourite.

#75 Viv

#229 Tracy Payne

#240  Lalky Girl

#267 Nancie Quah

#273 Leah Ann Gast

#277 Mariska

#294 Scrapellen

#309 Karen Irvine

#335 Chantal

#342 Lena Katrine

Short and sweet from me as my Laptop and me not gelling today, my fan is running constantly and everything is going on a go slow. Hope to be back with a card later.


1 comment:

trish said...

Hi Carol, your photos of your pets are so cute and the deer are beautiful. We are so lucky up here but some folk never see it, or they can't be bothered to look. Hope you got something nice from the crafty shop, have a good week...Trish


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