Thursday, 24 November 2011

Woo Hoo!! I've been published

 Just had to share my lovely piece of news with you all.
Was contacted by Papercraft Inspirations awhile back, saying they liked what they saw on my blog and in particular  one of my cards and would I be willing to let it be published in their magazine. Well I just about fell off my seat, was gobsmacked but didn't take me long to reply, Oh yes please. Well I thought it wasn't going to happen so got a surprise when I bought the magazine today.

 My card bottom left

To finish the day off, now I never buy scratch cards but did today, why I don't know... must be my lucky day £10 winnings. A wee crafty shop I think with my windfall!

by for now



Lisa Jane said...

oh wow that's fabulous Carol.. and well done on your win
Lisa x

Liz, said...

Woohoo indeedy! Big congrats, well done!

Liz x

Jackie said...

Congratulations. They say everything goes in threes Carol so perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket..... :o)
Jackie xx

kath said...

wooohooo congrats on your card being published and your £10 win...make sure you buy a lottery ticket this weekend and remember your friends when you're a millionaire...big hugs kath xxx

Carol said...

Bet this has perked you up Carol, well done you. Carol x

Wendy said...

Congratulations Carol, thats fantastic news and well done on your win too.
Wendy xx

hmcrobbie said...

Well done glad you're feeling better

lilyf said...

Well done Carol and glad you are a lot better. Like Kath says, remember us when you win the lottery!

Sue said...

Whoo hoo congratulations and well done you must be chuffed to pieces, better do the lottery next, they say things come in threes! Happy Crafting, Sue x

coops said...

fantastic news carol.congratulations :D

xx coops xx

Kat said...

Congrats on being published Carol. What a lovely surprise when you opened the magazine and saw your lovely card.

So that's 2 lovely things after your scratchcard win, wonder what the third thing is!

Kat xx

K Blue said...

Wowie. That is so cool! And I love that card. It is so fun. You have a talent. Congratulations on being published!


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