Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ribbit, Ribbit , Good Morning to you too!!!!!!

Sharing a bit of mother nature with you this morning on WOYWW! Went out for a stroll round my untidy garden this morning with my cuppa and was peering into my pond and up popped this little fella to say goodmorning I think!

Are they last years taddy's come back to mate, I would like to think so. Spotted six of them swimming around. Ran, well stumbled back to the Sunroom for my camera and back hoping they would play ball and pose for me. Managed about half a dozen shots before camera died on me, typical. Was a real privilage to be part of their lives for that few mins. What a lovely start to a hopefully sunny warm day or so they say. Back to the Wedding invites, must get them finished this week, Mr Mojo has left the building! Mind you, don't blame him with all these alterations going on. Right a very quick recharge (gosh I wish I could do that) to post these photos

Think this my best side!

 He's a bit of allright don't you think!

Mmnnn maybe won't just make my mind up just yet!

Hope you have enjoyed my bit of wild life this morning. Don't know about you but I love frogs and even better when in your own back garden. Have a lovely Wednesday and hope to see you on the other side over on Julia's Stamping Ground

Have noticed for awhile and looked up blogger for an answer, have many followers that I can't click on their piccy and go to their blogs. Blogger said they won't have a blog if their name doesn't highlight when you click on it. Have since seen this is not always the case when one of you left me a comment.  Would love to visit you and the only way is if you leave me a comment on one of my posts so I can visit you from there. Hope this makes sense to you!



kath said...

wow you think they will all turn into handsome princes....if so...send one my way...big hugs kath xxxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow Carol.. what fab pics.. my daughter has signed up for toad patrol with our local council.. to help the toads cross the busy roads at night . She feels she owes them as last year she killed one with the lawn mower.. purely an accident - but it upset her .
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Love your pics think they were posing for you!
Hope the kitchens coming on ok - see you sat.

lily said...

Gosh Carol, these are fantgastic pictures, you should put one in the P & J. How is the kitchen getting on, bet you are so excited. See you on Sat.

weewiccababe said...

wow, fantastic shots of the froggies - we have a pair in our pond, I can hear them but they're a bit camera shy. Unfortunately none of their children ever make it - the 11 koi carp think they are food

Anne said...

Absolutely fantastic pics Carol.
Ok you guys -- what you all up to Saturday ?????
think I might have a clue he he !
Anne x

Ravenous Rae said...

Super cool - I love frogs! Happy WOYWW to you.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee good morning little slimy fella! He is quite cute! x

Jackie said...

Wow Carol, what wonderful photographs :o)
Jackie xx

okienurse said...

Awesome photographs. They didn't seem to have worry in the world that you were going to harm them. Must have been last years tadpoles. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

Anonymous said...

I popped back to see your visitors, didn't realise it was last weeks post as I was able to join in last week! It's all good! Love that yellow card you posted a few days ago, I've been coveting that Silhouette Grass stamp for ages!!


Cauliflower Cupcake said...

These are beautiful photographs, I would have spent hours gazing at that. How wonderful -spring has definitely sprung!
Rebecca (48) x


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