Friday, 25 March 2011

Something I like a lot!

Just sharing some photos of my walk along Cullen beach on Wednesday night with Hubby. A rare occurence as he is always to busy for some leisure time, but we all need it to unwind, saying that I've never seen him walk so damn fast there and back, had a job keeping up!  Gosh he dawdles if we go for a walk at home, to busy looking around farm land and what to be done! Was starting to get a bit dark but was a lovely evening and find the sea so relaxing, love watching the waves and waiting for the big one not that they were very big that night. And of course the icing on the cake was the fish supper and icecream,(told that you yesterday but I'm good at repeating myself! Well so I'm told) yummieeeeee!

Ah and who is this!!!
My dear long suffering hubby of mine!  He loves it really!!
Now man,  you can't say I haven't let you into my blog for a peek, only once mind you ha ha!!x

Have a lovely weekend. I will. Have family and am really excited! My new kitchen is being delivered tomorrow.Gosh I hope it turns up, coming all the way from England. The driver ain't going to like our farm track, so not telling him, naughty naughty.  Roll on some organised chaos!



Lisa Jane said...

Fab pics and love your Man.. lol
Hope the kitchen turns up.. and that we get to see a pic of that when its finished
Lisa x

lily said...

Your photography is fantastic Carol - lovely scenery and boy is Dennis looking handsome (don't tello him I said that) Enjoyed our play yesterday.

Chrissy said...

Wonderful photos, you are lucky.. so close to the beach. AND...a new kitchen, whoohoo, how exciting.You wont have to clean for awhile you can go play....

Spyder said...

Ohooo a new kitchen, I'm sooo jealous, we sort of made ours out of nothing wHen we first moved in, (there was nothing there!) and it's still the same, sort of! well, near enough!. Lovely pictures. I should go take a few ...tomorrow!!

Kat said...

Love your pictures of Cullen beach. My Mum and Dad used to go to Cullen on holiday from Stirlingshire in the 70s and 80s. My Dad loved the ice cream shop.......and so do I lol! Your hubby's brave venturing into blogland!!

Kat xx

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs carol, you should be making cards with them :o)
Jackie xx

weewiccababe said...

fab pics Carol - and I can certainly relate about the sea being relaxing, I can see the sea from my kitchen and I'm so lucky


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