Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Winter Wonderland!

Sharing a little bit of my Winter Wonderland with you and over at Kaths blog, a little bit of fun (always up for that)and some goodies for the girl with the mostest or Buddies favourite snow scene if we don't measure up to her piccies. So here we goSome where taken yesterday and a couple today. Had a few showers today and my it's so cold again now. Going to tuck myself up on the sofa and watch the Xfactor and maybe, well there's no maybe about it,  raid the grandkids sweetie tin!!. I'm hoping Matt goes through, who's your star?

The little farm down in the hollow

The view from my craft room

Another angle from my craft room, not quite Annes Icicle show

And another

My loyal companions Holly and Rory, she's (the Spanollie) the boss but he likes to think he is

Isn't this Awesome! Pass this rock face on my way into town. Every year this happens



kath said...

love your snowy wonderland pics and the icicles on the rockface are awesome....stay warm and safe...big hugs from kath & buddy xxx

Lisa Jane said...

wow what fabulous photos Carol
Lisa ;)

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs, those icicles are spectacular :o)
Jackie xx


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