Monday, 1 November 2010


Are you ready !

Well I've had some weekend, Drifters on Friday night and they were fab, not so sure about sitting in the rafters looking from the dizzy heights down on them! Off to bed early and up and away to do some serious craft shopping  on the Saturday and hopfully meet in with some of our buddies. Such a scary thought, three aisles on and stash flying off the shelves into our bags and we still had another day to go. Chilled out in evening with a small glass of the fiery stuff, medicinal purposes only I hasten to add! Checked out the days buys and off to sleep to recharge the batteries for another day. Day two was more laid back and watched a few demos, had to check out Debbi demoing Promarkers and she made it look so easy, going to get my ones out and give it a bash. Tired out be middle afternoon so headed back to train station, had a bite to eat, met up with Kath, Anne and Debbi and settled into a train journey I'm sure our immediate  passengers would of liked to of banned us from. Wonder who the ringleader was? any suggestions girls! Took loads of photos but lucky for you they looked like what you see when you look out the train window, woooooooooosh,  if you know what I mean!

Debbi strutting her stuff with Promarkers, can't wait to have a play but think my desk needs clearing up smartly before hubby arrives home!

Guess whose goodies these are? And still had Sunday to go! Wasn't me, scroll to the bottom!

Kath and her beloved Fiskers !

My lovely travelling companion Aud and Anne

These ladies caused so much havoc on the train no wonder they're covering up! Do you know them?

OK, guess who's no 1?



no 4? And it looks like the only one with any  commonsense has evaded the camera, who was she?

Halloween night, did I microwave hubby! Lucky escape, you all did a fab job with the house while I was away. A lovely home coming.xx
Camera battery just died on me so no peaks at my buys, hopefully tomorrow I'll brave the world and and show all!

There, wasn't so bad was it!!!!!! Thanks for making the train journey such a quick one! See you Saturday.


weewiccababe said...

fab pics Carol, but I think you skimmed over some events lol
oh and I think you might have a smudge on your camera lens, give it a dicht quine :)
I think it's that Audrey that was the ring leader you know - it was all down hill from "look she's got spiderwebs on her tits"

kath said...

hey anne and I were the innocent parties here...led astray by the hooligans across the way....hugs kath xxx

Kat said...

I'm pretty sure your mystery ladies are Kath, Debbi, Carol and Anne. And it looks like the one who was smart enough to be behind the camera was Aud.

By the way I haven't figured out how you got talking to some of my friends from the bus and found out you all knew me!!

Kat xx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Looks like alot of fun was had by all, go wild girls, lol

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Carol

Looks like you all had such a great time and the journey home - well wish I could have been there!!!!



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