Friday, 17 September 2010

M.E. gets in the way!!

But hopefully my sneak peak will blow it away!

Morning folks
Not been around lately and haven't made a card all week, off colour more than usual (don't want to bore you but someone out there might be in a similar situation you know) and a little niggle has  always been in the back of my mind, for seven years in fact, do I have M.E.! So many conditions out there with the same symptoms and your only tested for the everyday conditions out there. Have never accepted my illness, just wanted it to go away and get on with my life, the only good thing that has come out of it is my love of crafting and so many new friends along the way. Back to the off colour situation, have been back and forth to the doctors for six weeks now, miserable with a rash and feels like I've been invaded by beasties crawling all over me and feeling sick from morning til night, god like morning sickness all over again! Says it's a fungus infection, well did I ask anymore? no! brain always working at megga slow rate, didn't think about it till much later and then I start thinking what is it and what does it do to our bodies. Onto the computer and delved into the articles and yes like a lot of other articles I have read over the years, similar symptoms in there to M.E. and when I think about it, never when I'm at the docs I must add I have had similar problems since day one on and off over the years and didn't always follow them up, just got on with it. Must take this up with doc when I have to return in a months time after finishing the course of tablets I have been prescribed. Lots more questions buzzing round my head and another visit onto articles, another fruitless journey? who knows but not giving up, just another chapter in my life and hopefully a result someday soon.
Ooo all that doom and gloom, moving onto something exciting in my life. The postie delivered my first DT crafty collection (yummy) from Simply Create, coming soon, watch this space. Have the next two days to myself so hopefully play away blissfully to my hearts content. Ideas been buzzing round my head these past two days so here's hoping I'm not disturbed and can put them into pratice!  Might find time too feed hubby inbetween, who knows!!!!
Take care and have a great weekend.



kath said...

oh carol I am sorry you have been so off colour my lovely friend....sending you big hugs and hope you get this sorted with the doc on your next visit and you are back to your lovely chirpy self real soon....big hugs kath xxx

Lisa Jane said...

Hi Carol. sorry to ehar you have been feeling off colour. Thinking of you
Lisa ;)

lily said...

Hang in their Carol, you know we are all here to help you through the bad times and get you back to your happy self.


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