Monday, 16 August 2010


Morning folks, some piccies of my fab day with Kath from all that glitters and my crafting buddies. She certainely know how to give you a good time and her cards are amazing. A real tonic in my book. Where's Jimmy Saville when I need him! Thanks Kath for a truly inspirational day ( I'm sure you will be on the end of my TOUNGE next time I meet up with my friends!!!!!!! ha ha) I have to watch what I upload here, did I see the word blackmail on your blog? surely not!!!!!

Kath in full flow, she is one entertaining lady

Never seen your craft area so messy! Now where has that gone!

Maureen in action,  Lily probably listening to Kath's crafty tips and there was plenty of them.

Everyone so engrossed and Kath just had to get in the picture at the last minute. What did you say about not liking your photo taken!

Lost something Kath! Aud hanging onto every word, weren't we all

My card, botched it up, to much chattering I think, going to put that right, can't waste it.

And finally, no I haven't been idle this past week, been busy making my DT call projects for Simply Create. A fab shop I love to visit, Jacqui the owner and Anne are so friendly and always there to give a helping hand. A new challenge  blog for us crafters is coming soon. 
Have a lovely day.



Jackie said...

Beautiful card, don't look botched to me! Looks like a good time was had by all :o)
Jackie xx

kath said...

thank you lovely lady for your kind words...I had a ball with you and your lovely crafty buddies...and hey the pics ain't too bad..I have deleted the blackmail ones from my you can sleep easy....see you soon big hugs kath xxx

lily said...

Photos good Carol, and did we not have a good time. Kath is fantastic - cunny and clever!

lily said...

meant to say funny and clever. SORRY

Lisa Jane said...

Looks like fun!
Lisa ;)

Kat said...

Love the card you made with Kath, Carol. Sounds like you had a great time with Kath and the rest of the ladies!!

I'd like to make something for Jacqui's DT call but I'm not sure my work's good enough!

Kat xx

KindredSpirit said...

looks like a really fun day. Recently I have been on a stamping day and one about altered books. They are really fun! Nice to see your pictures.

janny said...

Looks like heaven!
Jan x


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