Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow, I love it!

A bit slow of the mark but I'm here so wishing you all firstly a Happy Healthy Crafting Year. Secondly, New year resolutions, never been into that but this year have two. Really want to succeed with the first resolution, stopping smoking. Have stopped, into forth day now and not doing bad. Thinking what I will do with all the extra lolly, a cleaner springs to mind, then I could use my energy on my crafting. Sounds so much more fun do you think? Second resolution not to spend so much on crafts, think I'm wasting my time with this one do you think? Just love craft shopping, a day out with friends, a coffee (think I will have to miss the fancy cakes from now on)and a chat and then home to oogle over my buys. Not in front of the hubby though, although who am I kidding, he's no fool but he is glad that I get so much enjoyment from making cards (bless him). This year I think I'm going to have a go at scrap booking, have oodles of 12x12 papers and a couple of scrapbooks so what I'm I waiting for? Inspiration maybe! Where does it go, find blog hopping gets the juices going sometimes but time flies by on here and then no time left to craft and then there's the online craft shops, well I have been known to browse!!! Since been stuck in with this snow ( we have some amount, 3 to 4feet)been checking out digi stamps, really handy, they just fly into your email box ready to use and they are all cosy in their folder on my Laptop ready to print and come alive. Hope you are all managing to get out and about and watch those slippy pavements. Speak again soon
hugs nnaloracx

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Anonymous said...

Well done on stoppping smoking! Love your calendar. Hope to see you soon - I love the snow too but its maybe too much of a good thing now - no sign of it shifting!


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